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Les scénarios offerts chez Immersia sont originaux et conçus à 100% par notre équipe. Découvrez ceux disponibles dès aujourd’hui


Weekend at the Shack

Finally the weekend at the shack is upon us. You’ve been invited to spend a few days for a friend’s birthday and it’s been hyped to be the party of the century. Your arrival truly signals the start of the party…

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The Piccadilly Cabaret

London, 1930, at the Piccadilly Cabaret, you’re trying to access the dressing room of the late diva Emma Albani. According to legend, admirers that attempted to step foot there never got out alive…

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La Station Oubliée - Immersia

Competitive Scenario: The Forgotten Station

The family of the owner of the Orient Express has been kidnapped. Two spy agencies will compete for the reward associated with their rescue. Who will save them first?

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Empty white room with stripes of ceiling lights. Contemporary architecture background. 3d render illustration

Warp inc.

New scenario available in December 2017

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