Competitive Scenario: The Forgotten Station

1 Mission. 2 Agencies. 1 Goal. Who Will Win?

1 Mission. 2 Agencies. 1 Goal. Who Will Win?

James Presswood is the CEO of the Simplon Orient Express company. He created a modern version of this mythical railroad track.

Mr Presswood has generated a fortune with this new project. The Orient Express quickly became the most popular mode of transportation in Europe. In an unexpected turn of events, one of his engineering employees decided to kidnap his family and is asking for a 50 million euros ransom.

In order to save his family as quickly as possible, Mr Presswood hired your spy agency and has given you access to an abandoned control room. You will be racing against the clock, because another agency was also hired for the same mission. The agency that will be first to save Mr Presswood's family and have the wrongdoer arrested will get the reward.

Additional Information

As opposed to our other scenarios, your group will be divided in two rival teams where the goal is simple: Solve the puzzles and complete the mission before your opponents.

-Your experience will consist of 3 levels lasting 20 minutes each.

-You will have the ability to compare your opponent's progress with yours.

-Available for 2 players (1 vs 1), 4 players (2 vs 2) or 6 players (3 vs 3)

Regular Rate: 28$ per player


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