A unique room escape game experience in Laval

We are open everyday starting at 10am for spring break 2018 between February 26th and March 11th.


In groups of 2-6 people, you will be locked (Not REALLY locked, the fire department is not a huge fan of the idea…) in a room decorated around a theme based on a scenario where you become the main character. Based on the situations, you will need to find clues, solve puzzles, work as a team and take decisions in order to escape the « dangerous situation » before time expires.

Weekend at the Shack

Finally the weekend at the shack is upon us. You’ve been invited to spend a few days for a friend’s birthday and it’s been hyped to be the party of the century. Your arrival truly signals the start of the party…

Difficulty Level
Scare Level

The Piccadilly Cabaret

London, 1930, at the Piccadilly Cabaret, you’re trying to access the dressing room of the late diva Emma Albani. According to legend, admirers that attempted to step foot there never got out alive…

Difficulty Level
Scare Level

Competitive Scenario: The Forgotten Station

The family of the owner of the Orient Express has been kidnapped. Two spy agencies will compete for the reward associated with their rescue. Who will save them first?

Difficulty Level
Scare Level

Warp inc.

Warp inc. is the only company on earth with the ability to make you travel through time. They will soon launch the W001 model, the first model accessible to the public.

Difficulty Level
Scare Level

What Makes Immersia Stand Out

  • A totally Immersive Experience: All efforts are put in place so that you experience our scenarios as if you were there. It’s in our name after all!
  • Friendly Atmosphere: We value your business and our team will ensure, without compromise, that you have an enjoyable experience through and through.
  • Unique Scenarios: All scenarios, clues and puzzles were entirely designed by the Immersia team. This will be a brand new experience that you haven’t seen elsewhere.
  • Yes, you can keep your cell phone in the room! 🙂

Here are our current rates

Regular Rate

28$+tx per person
Book now

Tuesday & Wednesday

$25+tx per person
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Children 10-17 years old

$20+tx per person
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***Free for children 9 years old or younger***

You have questions?

In this section, you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

Contact info

We are located in Laval’s industrial district only about 10 minutes from Montreal. Parking is free and reserved for our clients.


3065 Peugeot street (2nd floor)
Laval, QC
H7L 5C4

Phone Number

(450) 687-3888

For more information on the tourist region.

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