About us

Learn more about Immersia’s management team.

The genesis of Immersia

Immersia is a project that regroups a tightly knit family with very different backgrounds. An Olympic athlete, a video game geek with digital marketing skills, a pop singer entrepreneur, an awesome chef, an actor and a Canadian army veteran with an artistic background.

A common passion has recently hit us, room escape games. We rapidly fell in love with the format for family bonding and the thrill that comes with success and even sometimes failure. After having experienced dozens upon dozens of room escape games around the world, we believe we can bring an interesting contribution to the industry and to our guests. Definitely an experience that they will remember for a long time.


Roseline Filion – Social Media & PR
Roxane Filion – Finances
Marilyn Filion – Operations
Maxime Filion – Marketing
Stéphane Gilbert – Artistic Direction
Stéphan Côté – Technological development

See the face of those that made Immerse possible and that will provide you with an unforgettable experience.


Immersia escape game scenarios are 100% original and conceived by our team. Discover those available today.

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